When a pure Japanese hotel comes across Beitou hot spring town.

The delicate and considerate hospitality and service provides you with an unrestrained comfort you’ve never had before;The natural hot springs clear away the hustles and bustles, bringing to you the most relaxing moments. The exquisitely detailed banquets bring the ultimate satisfaction to your tastes. Our search for perfection transforms your brief stay into the finest of memories.
The Radium group brings original Japanese Kagaya style to Taiwan. Situated in the most renowned hot spring region in Taiwan- Beitou, it is built right next to Taiwan’s first Japanese hot spring hotel “Tiangoan”. The hotel is delicately designed using Japanese architectural techniques and is adorned with the three major Japanese Nengdeng Peninsula artifacts –Jiugushao, Lundaotu, and Jinbo- that perfectly represent Japanese elegance. All guests will experience an unprecedented Japanese atmosphere.
1896 March The first Japanese hot spring hotel in Taiwan “Tiangoan”began its operation in Beitou
1906 September Kagaya was open in Nengdeng peninsula, Ishikawa county, Japan
2006 March Radium and Kagaya signed a cooperative contract
2010 December 18th Radium Kagaya was officially open


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