The Beginning Point One Hundred Years ago

Around 100 years ago, Hirada Gengo, who come to from Japan discovered the magic therapeutic effect of the Beitou Hot Springs and built Taiwan’s first Japanese-style hot spring ryokan, “Ten Gu An.”.

The One-Century of Waiting

100 years later, because of Ten Gu An and the sincerity of Radium Group, Kagaya group in Japan has finally agreed to invest the only one overseas branch in Beitou.

Carefulness, Elegance, and Refinement

The Radium Group respects the philosophy of Kagaya group to meet each requirement with the highest standards.
From the Sukiyatsukuri comprehensively modeled elegant and refined Japanese architecture techniques, to the art aesthetics of the Noto Peninsula, art is part of your stay at the Hotel. Certainly, the sincere services of our butlers are also as expected.

100% Japanese-Style Services

The hot spring gives us the opportunity to serve you.
With 100% implanted genes from Japan, we turn your temporary stay with us into beautiful eternal memories. We show you our sincerity from the first encounter.