National Treasures Coming From Afar

Exquisite crafts from Noto Peninsula-Urushi Art, Kutaniyaki, gold foil, and Kaga Yuzen jointly create the elegant culture of Kagaya.

Charm of Luxurious Arts

At the reception desk, Mr. Nishizuka Yomi’s golden phoenix is flying and on the elevated patio, there is an elegant heavenly lady created by Isaburo Kado

Harmonious and Serene Atmosphere

Tokuda Yasokichi’s Kutaniyaki quietly sits in the lobby presenting the serenity of the northern lands.
Spring cherry blossoms, summer hydrangea, autumn balloon flowers and winter flowering quince on the wall of the corridor tell stories of the four seasons of Nomi Kutani.

A Glance With Elegance

Stepping into Kagaya, you will be surrounded with art.

Each corner invites you to slow down your step and take a look.