Banquet of Four Seasons

Spring leeks, water squash, autumn crabs, and winter cabbage are seasonal highlights

Visual and Olfactory Delicacies

In the spacious and bright space of TENSHOU Restaurant, we provide you with private VIP rooms.
The Chef strictly selects seasonal food ingredients to present you with delicate Japanese dishes with well-known cooking skills, a banquet of aesthetics for your five senses.

Day and Night Leisure and Relaxation

In the green Japanese-style HIYORI Lounge, you are invited to enjoy our specially prepared light snack foods to go with your hot tea. Just give yourself a comfortable afternoon.
In the evenings, at YUDUKI Bar, you are able to enjoy the night views of Beitou. A bottle of Sake is just right for your relaxing night.

Natural Experiences

Simplicity without extra things presents the most natural and beautiful experience.