The Natural Therapy Magic

In the mountains of Beitou, Blue and White sulfur springs run through with magic white smoke. The translucent blue sulfur hot springs actually can only be found in Beitou, Taiwan and Japan.
The element, “Radium,” is valuable and especially good for your health.

Tenderness of the 42℃ Beauty Hot Spring

The white sulfur hot spring transforms thermal energy into warm steam in rhythm.
The low pH feature gives you smooth skin after bathing in such comfort.
The pleasant and comfortable 42℃, is your guardian for the four seasons.

Care for the Four Seasons

When the cold front of winter comes, it is the best time to bath in the hot spring, one of life’s most enjoyable moments.
During summer days, it is also the right time for the most active metabolism. The hot spring water can boost your metabolism and sweep away your tiredness and discomfort. The complete cleansing just refreshes you.

Instilling New Energy

In order to keep your body warm in winter and take good care of your health in the summer, the hot spring is your best choice. It cares for your exhausted body, mind and re-vitalizes you.