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Kaiseki Cuisine Dinner Plan

Kaiseki Cuisine Dinner Plan
Kaiseki Cuisine Dinner Plan

Kaiseki Cuisine Dinner Plan

Indulge in the Japanese-style guest room full of Tatami fragrance, and have a cup of hot tea to let go of fatigue and feel the authentic Japanese culture in silence. Overlooking the lush green in front at the Beitou Park, experience the natural hot spring and taste the food made from natural ingredients and enjoy the all exclusive happy holidays.

Price:*Project Time: Mar. 1st, 2020 (Sun.)-Sep. 30th (Wed.)
On weekdays: NT$14,100+10%
On holidays: NT$15,100 +10%


Price:*Project Time: Oct. 1st, 2020 (Thu.)-Dec. 31st (Thu.)
On weekdays: NT$15,500+10%
On holidays: NT$17,500 +10%


Project Properties:
-1 night stay
-2 servings of fine breakfast available at Tenshuo Restaurant
-2 servings of dinner at Tenshuo Restaurant or Banquet hall.

-Free Wi-Fi is now available in guest rooms and free drinks are available in the fridge.
-Free public onsen pool area and facilities are now available.
-A pick-up service is available on the timetable at a fixed location in front of the hotel or at the MRT Beitou Station.
(Please book at least 1 day before your check-in.)

*For the dining place, the location will be based on the hotel actual arrangements. (Final entry to the dining service is before 20:30.)
*For lodgings, two people share one room. If there’s a need for extra beds, an additional charge will be levied per person.
*When adding more beds to one room, a third person or more will be charged NT$4,500+10% per person each night. For kids aged from 4-11, each one will be charged NT$2,000+10% each night.
*Each room can accommodate no more than 4 persons.
*To get a room upgrade or use another suite, please pay extra based on the hotel rules on-site.
*Dining service in the guest rooms will be charged NT$2,000+10% per room.Each room can accommodate no more than 4 persons.Please book at least 1 day before your check-in.
*Definition of weekdays/holidays: “Weekdays” start from Sunday to Friday; whereas, “holidays” refer to Saturdays, Dec. 31st, national holidays and holiday’s eve or consecutive national holidays.
*Invalid date: each Lunar New Year (based on the announced date issued by the Personnel Administration)
*This project cannot be used with other offers.
*If there is anything unclear, please pay attention to the hotel notice on-site. It may be subject to change without prior notice.