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Only for babies! Zhuazhou / Saliva collection Ritual

Only for babies! Zhuazhou / Saliva collection Ritual
Only for babies! Zhuazhou / Saliva collection Ritual

Integrated Chinese-Japanese fun and tatami banquet

Babies grow up fast.
Parents feel their love when their cute face smile and their chubby fingers grab their hands! Records of baby's development, a photo of most precious happiness captures the gift of love in different life stages!

│Only for babies! Zhuazhou/ Saliva Collection Ritual Special Project│ Available for a group of 8 persons!

Project Properties:
-The cuisines for Zhuazhou and Shouxian parties-
(Taiwanese traditions celebrating milestones in a baby’s life)
- Special banquet cuisines- unlimited juice is provided
- Two group photos of the family
(a photo frame is included.)
-Japanese Imabari Towel "Baby Shower Gift Box" 1 set (NT$2580 per set)
-There are two alternative options for the Banquet Ceremony in the time length of 30 minutes.
   The Baby's 1st Birthday Celebration:
    -Traditional Japanese ritual experience of "issyou-mochi"
    -The experience of Zhuazhou celebration
(the necessities for the Zhuazhou celebration are provided for free. Parents can bring their own necessities for the Zhuazhou ritual.)
    -The experience of a baby yukata 1 times
    -The experience of a yukata for Mom and Dad 1 times
   The Saliva Collection Ritual:
    -The baby's first party cuisines of the Japanese traditional custom 1 set.
(NT$1500元+10% per set)
    -The experience of saliva collection. (Baby's shioaji keki, which is similar to a bagel, is provided for free.)

Project Plus discount:
  -30% off on the day spent on the yukata (NT$500 per times)
  - Plus Japanese Imabari Towel "Baby Shower Gift Box" 10% discount on unlimited

《Project Remarks》:
*The project is available for 8 guests and 1 child. If there are additional babies attending the ritual, a reservation in advance is required and an additional fee for the ceremony will be charged.
*Banquet Time:Luncheon12:00~15:00;ㄎand Dinner 18:00~21:00。
*If there are additional guests attending the banquet, please make a reservation in advance.kids aged from 4-11, each one will be charged NT$800+10%;NT$1,880 +10% for adults over 12 years old.
*Meals are changed according to the season, please based on the actual situations on site.
The Banquet must be completely utilized by both person on the day of the tour. Usage cannot be split/retained/extended/coupons converted. If package cannot be fully utilized it is deemed relinquished.
This project are not mentioned herein are subject to the hotel regulations.

TEL: 886-2-2891-1238