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Green Sulfur Hot Spring Only NT$500 each time!

Green Sulfur Hot Spring Only NT$500 each time!
Green Sulfur Hot Spring Only NT$500 each time!

The public Green Sulfur Hot Spring
Beitou is Taiwan's only green sulfur hot spring, and it's one of the world’s two only acidic hot spring containing "radium", which produces the world’s only mineral that is named after a place in Taiwan, "Beitou Stone"! It's also known Japanese people as a healing onsen, making it a very precious hot spring! Because of the acidity and the scarcity of spring water, even reaching Beitou is difficult to enjoy the green sulfur hot spring.

Rate NT$1,500 │ Weekdays & Holiday NT$750

【Special project】 Only NT$500 each time!
Buy 3 times at a time as long as NT$1,500~

Package Description:
*The public Green Sulfur Hot Spring open time is 10:30-21:30.(Last opening is 20:30)
*The price are listed for per person with 10% service charges included.

*The Radium hot spring is acidic hot spring at PH 1-2. People who has sensitive skin or children under 12 years old are not recommened.
*The public hot spring area is divided into male hot spring, female hot spring, and male/female rest areas. All areas contain lockers, changing rooms, and vanity areas.
*Facilities: Indoor hot spring can be used according to male/female hot spring.
*The public hot spring is a nude hot spring, children between the ages of 3-12 must be accompanied by an adult of the same gender. Child above age of 4 will be charged the same as the adult price.
*Business hours according to the hotel rules.