It All Started over One Hundred Years ago

Over 100 years ago, Hirada Gengo, a Japanese citizen, discovered the therapeutic effects of the hot springs in Beitou. Shortly thereafter, he established Taiwan’s first Japanese style hot spring hotel, the “Ten Gu An.”

One Century of Waiting

100 years later, in light of the rich history of the “Ten Gu An” and due to the collaboration between the Radium Group and the Japanese Kagaya Group, the first and only overseas location of the Kagaya was established in Beitou.

Meticulous, Elegant, and Polished

The Radium Group wanted to pay the Japanese Kagaya the proper respect it deserves by upholding the highest standards in meeting every aspect of this project.

Utilizing the original Sukiya-zukuri architecture and keeping the architectural aesthetics commonly found on the Noto Peninsula, one is automatically transported to the original Japanese Kagaya. As is expected, the hospitality of the butlers can also be felt throughout the hotel.

True Japanese Hospitality

Bathing in the hot springs affords the traveler an opportunity to feel the exact same experience as one would expect from the Kagaya in Japan. Even a short visit will provide an experience that will be eternally remembered and cherished. True Japanese hospitality awaits you as you enter the front door.