Kiu Hall

Kiu Hall is surrounded by the green scenery of Beitou Library and overlooks Beitou Park. Enter into the Japanese-styled landscape corridor and push open the Japanese-styled sliding door to find yourself in a different world of an elegant banquet hall featuring long tables. Indulge in the dignified atmosphere of Japanese-styled banquet reception and show your greatest sincerity in attending to important guests.

[Kiu Hall]
Size: 31 ping
Area: 103.8 square meters

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Kiu Hall is a Japanese-styled tatami banquet hall that uses high imperial dining tables that can be flexibly arranged.


【For conference use】

U-shaped seating – 20 seats, classroom seating – 24 seats, theater seating – 40 seats


【For dining use】

Table arrangements: U-shaped seating, row seating – single seats, Chinese-styled round table
Maximum capacity: 20 seats / 3 tables

Conference equipment included in venue rental :

  • 2 wireless microphones
  • Whiteboard (presentation stand)
  • Projection screen
  • Pen and paper
  • Extension cords


The following equipment will be charged separately :

  • Projector: NT$2,000 per set for 4 hours
  • Presentation laser pointer: NT$200 per set for 4 hours



Jingniangyuang is a performance stage and the above equipment is not provided.