Public Hot Spring

BOUGETSU ENZAN (Male and female baths exchanged every day) 
Both are indoor hot spring baths that bring you to the exclusive sulfur spring at Beitou.
“BOUGETSU”is equipped with a sauna while “ENZAN” includes a steam room for every distinguished guest to enjoy complete relaxation.

  • Price: NT$1,500
  • Size: Each bath is 40pings, each room accommodates 30 people
  • Period: 07:00-23:00,4 hours per use.
  • Introduction: The open bath gives you the best natural view and the most soothing treatment of the hot spring
  • Facilities: Individual lockers, changing rooms, dressing area, rest area, indoor hot spring, indoor cold/ hot pools, spa and aquatic bed, sauna or steam room (depending on the type of bath)
  • The public hotspring is a nude hotspring, children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult of the same gender.
  • According to rules, a swim cap must worn when using the public hotspring.