The Natural Therapy

In the mountains of Beitou, green and white sulfur hot springs emit an enchanting white smoke. Green sulfur hot springs can only be found in Beitou, Taiwan and Tamagawa, Japan.

“Radium”, the element found in these hot springs, is prized for its therapeutic prowess.  

Gentle and Soothing Effects of the 42℃ Hot Spring

The white sulfur hot spring transforms thermal energy into warm steam in rhythm.

The low pH feature gives your skin a silky feeling after bathing.

The pleasant warmth from the hot spring shall be your guardian for the four seasons.

Year Round Therapy

When the cold front of winter comes, it is a great time to bathe in the hot spring, one of life’s most enjoyable events.

During summer days, it is also an ideal time to increase your metabolism. The hot spring water can boost your metabolism and wash away your weariness and discomfort giving you a completely refreshed feeling.

Instilling New Energy

In order to keep your body warm in the wintertime and to improve circulation in the summer, the hot spring is your best option. It revitalizes your exhausted body and mind.