Public Hot Spring Price

~Hot Spring~
Relax your exhaustion by clear hot spring

– Public Bath 4th Floor –
Rate NT$1,500+10% │ Weekdays NT$1,200+10% │ Weekends NT$1,500+10%

Business hours: 07:00-23:00
Size:Each bath is 40 pings, each room accommodates 30 people

BOUGETSU ENZAN (Male and female baths exchanged every day)
Both are indoor hot spring baths that bring you to the exclusive sulfur spring at Beitou.
*“BOUGETSU”is equipped with a sauna
* “ENZAN” includes a steam room 

The public hot spring is a nude hot spring, children under 120cm must be accompanied by an adult of the same gender.
Child above 120cm will be charged the same as the adult price.