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Radium Kagaya International Hot spring Hotel Inc. Online privacy statement



Radium Kagaya International Hot spring Hotel Inc. ( hereinafter this company ) values the customers’ privacy. In order to ensure your rights, this company draws up privacy protection policy ( hereinafter this policy ) according to the regulations on Personal Information Protection Act . Please read carefully the following content in relation to the privacy protection policy.


2、Scope of application

2.1 The scope of application of the privacy protection policy includes how this company deals with the personal information gathered from the customer’s use of the website services and how this company deals with any personal information gathered from the corporation of this company and the associated companies as well as the suppliers.

2.2 The privacy protection policy does not apply to any companies other than this company, nor the staff recruited or managed by other companies.


3 、Information collection:

The purpose of the information collection is to confirm the user identification who gains information from this company’s website (hereinafter this website). If the personal information provided by the user is false or incorrect and thus causes damages to this company, this company reserves the rights to suspend the use of all functions on the website. The personal information of the user gathered by this company’s website can be divided into the following two categories:

3.1 Online activities
When you participate in all online activities provided by this company (including the use of this company’s product or services, browsing this company’s web pages or the use of other website services), this company will ask you to provide your personal related information according to the needs of the activities, which includes but is not limited to name, contact telephone, ID number, email address, etc.

3.2 Other
In addition to the related record saved on the system while you browse or search online, this company also keeps your IP address, time of use, browser, browsing and clicking record. If you contact this company by emails or leave a message online to reflect your opinions, this company will also keep a record of your communication with us.


4 、Use of information:

4.1 This company’s use of your personal information is limited to the collections for certain purposes such as sales needs (refer to the following sales needs) and must be complied with the regulations by the related laws.

4.2 The sales needs include:
Product and service application
Provide information about new services, product special offers and individualized special offers.
Participate in giving comments and surveys after sales
Other sales needs of this company

4.3 This company must receive your written consent in advance before using your personal information in new service marketing, product special offers and individualized special offers. At the first marketing attempt, this company will provide you with methods to express your refusal of marketing offers and pay off all necessary expense. When you refuse to receive marketing offers, this company should stop using your personal information for marketing purpose immediately.

4.4 To provide you with more services or special offers, this company must have your written consent in advance before passing your personal information to our associated companies and suppliers. At the first marketing attempt, the associated companies and suppliers that receive your personal information will provide you with methods to express your refusal of marketing offers and pay off all necessary expense. When you refuse to receive marketing offers, the associated companies and suppliers that have your personal information should stop using your personal information for marketing purpose immediately.

4.5 Unless with your written consent or special regulations by law, this company will never release your personal information to any third parties or use it for other purposes other than collection of information such as marketing.

4.6 For non-personal information, if it can indirectly or directly identify personal identification after combination of information, it should be regarded as personal information based on the information that indirectly or directly identifies the personal identification.


5、 Protection of information:

5.1 This company will well-conserve your personal information on our storage system, take appropriate safety measures to prevent your personal information from being stolen, changed, destroyed or leaked and take strict protection measures to restrict the contact of any unauthorized personnel. All personnel of this company have received a complete information protection education and have a full understanding that it is the company’s and its personnel’s obligations to prevent any personal information from being stolen, changed, destroyed or leaked; should there is any violation, the personnel will subject to the punishment of this company’s interior regulations and take legal responsibilities.

5.2 To protect the completeness and safety of your personal information, all information systems that store your personal information have been well-maintained and comply with the strict requirements of the authorized offices so that your personal information will not be illegally collected, treated, used and your rights will not be compromised.

5.3 For sales purposes, if it is necessary to entrust the third party cooperative suppliers to provide services, this company will also impose strict requirements for them to obey the Personal Information Protection Act and its related regulations and take necessary inspection procedures to ensure they comply with this company’s personal information protection regulations and requirements as well as the related laws and regulations.


6、 Linking of web pages:

The web pages of this company may provide links to other websites. If you follow the links, you will leave the website of this company. Thus, the personal information you provide to the third party websites or the collection, treatment and usage of your personal information by the third parties are not within the scope of application of this statement and this company does not protect your privacy on the linking websites. We suggest you read the privacy policy of the company involved in advance before providing your own personal information.


7 、Personal information:

7.1 If you intend to enforce your rights on the personal information collected, treated and used by this company according to the “Personal Information Protection Act” and make requests such as searching and reading, making copies, supplementing or correcting the information, collecting, treating or using the information, or deleting, etc., you may do so by contacting this company’s customer service center, customer service line or customer online message services including by telephone, email or voice messaging.

7.2 In relation to the personal information collected by this company, if our response to your requests such as searching, reading, making copies of the information may endanger national security, leak diplomatic and military confidentiality, compromise overall economic interests or other national critical interests, interrupt the execution of official duties by the governmental authorities or affect this company or the third party’s essential interests, under these circumstances, this company will refuse your requests as well as reasons for the refusal for your reference.

7.3 The period for you to consent the treatment and usage of your personal information by this company begins on the immediate effective date until the completion of all your contract execution with this company, the due day, the cancellation day or the termination day;however, the above limitation does not apply if there are other regulations by the law or there is an extension of period for the use of the personal information.


8 、Use of Cookie:

To provide you more comprehensive individualized services, this website may use Cookie to record and analyze the user’s behaviors, which can identify the user such as through your preferred type of information for various actions. If you do not want cookie, please remove it by setting up the browser;by doing so, you may not be able to enjoy certain services provided by this website.


9 、Revision of the privacy protection policy:

This privacy protection policy is immediately effective from the publication of the statement, however, this company will revise the policy according to the revision of the regulated laws and the advancement of technology so as to realize the purpose of protecting the user’s privacy. The revised regulations will be posted on our website. You are welcome to review our privacy protection policy periodically for a better understanding of how we protect the personal information collected. If you continue to use our services, it means you agree with this statement of privacy protection policy and any of its renewed content. If you have any comments on this privacy statement, you are most welcome to contact us.