4F White Sulfur Public Hot Spring

Immerse in the gentleness of a beauty bath at 42°C
At the public hot spring, indulge in the white sulfur springs with the reputation of a “beauty bath” where every guest may cleanse their tired souls and bodies.

Radium Kagaya
In succession of the hot spring culture of Radium Kagaya
The hot spring baths comprise separate men’s and women’s baths. Rest, relax and indulge to your hearts’ content.

[4F White Sulfur Public Hot Spring]
Operating hours: 07:00–23:00 (last admission at 22:00); up to 4 hours allowed per visit
Fee: NT$1,500+10% per person
Guests may enjoy unlimited use of the white sulfur public hot spring during their stay.
No reservations are required for the public hot spring. All guests will be admitted on-site.

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Bougetsu Bath / Enzan Bath (alternating daily between men’s and women’s baths)
Spacious indoor hot spring overlooking natural landscapes.
Soak up in the unique therapy of Beitou white sulfur hot spring.


The Bougetsu Bath is equipped with a sauna. The Enzan bath is equipped with a steam room.
Allowing total relaxation for every guest.


Joyous Foot Bath
Immerse your feet in the warmth of spring waters to soothe your tiredness for the day.

Spring name: White sulfur spring

Source: Mount Datun
Spring type: Acidic sulfur salt spring
Temperature: 50–90°C; about 41–43°C indoors
pH value: 4-5


Functions: Soothes fatigue, beauty and skin care, nerve and muscle relaxation

  1. Improves sleep quality
    Soaking in hot springs can help lower blood pressure to soothe irritability and improve insomnia.
  2. Skin care
    Hot springs help pores to breathe and absorb the rich oxygen and minerals in the spring waters to aid skin health and nutrition.
  3. Soothes fatigue
    The warmth of spring waters can relax muscles and joints, soothe fatigue and restore physical strength.
  4. Perspiration and heat dissipation
    Soaking in hot springs helps one perspire more easily, allowing moisture in the body to fully dissipate.
  5. Health maintenance
    Soaking alternately in cold and hot springs can help burn calories, making it a perfect way to “exercise without effort.”
  1. Wash your body thoroughly before entering the bath.
  2. Persons suffering from chronic disease such as heart disease, lung disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other circulatory system disorders should follow their doctor’s instructions for bath use.
  3. Fully replenish the body with water before and after entering the bath.
  4. Enter the bath beginning from the feet first, followed by immersing half of the body, and then the full body. The height of immersion should not exceed the heart.
  5. If you encounter any discomfort after entering the bath, immediately leave the bath and notify the service staff.
  6. After a long trip, extreme fatigue or strenuous exercise, take a short rest before entering the bath.
  7. Persons suffering from infectious diseases are not allowed to enter the bath.
  8. Women on their periods are not allowed to enter the bath.
  9. Pets are not allowed to enter the bath.
  10. Pregnant women, persons with disabilities, elderly and children should avoid entering the bath alone.
  11. It is not advisable to enter the bath when drunk, on an empty stomach, or after a full meal.
  12. It is not advisable to remain in the bath for more than 15 minutes at a time and for more than 1 hour in total.
  13. It is not advisable to enter a sauna immediately after leaving the bath.