7F Beitou Stone and Cypress Sauna (Dry Sauna)

Feeling tired from work or having sore feet from travel?
Indulge in top-rate stone sauna to relax your body and mind and relieve stress.
Perspire and take care of your body by just lying down.
Indulge in a wonderful stone sauna experience.

[7F Beitou Stone and Cypress Sauna (Dry Sauna)]
Operating hours: by appointment; up to 90 minutes allowed per visit
Priced at NT$5,600+10% per room, for use by two people
Booking hotline: 02-2891-1238 (Service hours: 9:00–18:00 daily)

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In succession of the Tamagawa Hot Spring therapy culture, the stone sauna is installed with Beitou stone and covered with black stone and towels. Lay over the warm stone to experience the natural acupressure effects. Heat from the hot stone causes the body temperature to rise, supplemented by precious Beitou stone energy. Indulge in a top-rate stone sauna to relax your body and mind and relieve stress. Enjoy the wonderful stone sauna experience and take care of yourself in the best of ways, keeping your body invigorated both within and outside.


In recent years, the stone sauna service has been successively introduced in spa centers and five-star hotels in Taiwan. Anyone who values health and wellness, enjoys soaking in hot springs and pays attention to travel experience will love this.


◎ Usage instructions: Pregnant women and persons suffering from chronic diseases such as heart disease, infectious diseases and other circulatory system disorders are not advised to use the stone sauna;

Children under the age of 15, elderly over the age of 65 and people with disabilities must be accompanied by a caretaker throughout the full duration of use and be fully responsible for all liabilities.

Three stages of experiencing a relaxing beauty bath

stone sauna Before experience: Take a bath to cleanse your skin and relax your body and mind from the bath fragrance.

Stage 1: lie on your belly + warming stage, to warm the internal organs

Stage 2: lie on your side + perspiration stage, as thermolymphatic therapy

Stage 3: lie on your back + sebaceous gland perspiration stage, to warm the back

* Replenish moisture regularly in the process


Benefits of stone sauna

The warm Beitou stone causes the body temperature to rise, promoting metabolism and increasing blood circulation, and also has the benefits of burning fat, facilitating perspiration and improving cold constitution:


  1. Improving circulation Physical health is closely related to body temperature. When body temperature drops by 1°C, immune protection drops by 20%.
    Using stone sauna can help the body raise its temperature from the core so that the hands and feet will not be cold.
  2. Sculpting curves – a way of exercising without effort
    After the body temperature rises, the body slowly releases moisture, removing excess moisture from the body and excreting it as perspiration. This kind of perspiration does not smell nor feel greasy and helps the body to regulate its temperature. Calories burned from lying on the stone sauna for 40 minutes are equivalent to jogging about 10 kilometers!
  3. Beauty and skin care – forms a natural layer of toner on the skin
    Lying on the stone sauna forms a layer of “good sebum” on the skin surface to prevent moisture loss from the skin and keep the skin shiny. Therefore, after the end of the stone sauna, it is advised to wait 2–4 hours before taking a bath to keep the sebum film on the skin.

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